Artist Statement

Bethany Bachmann Fine Art

Women are a central focus in my artwork. I want the viewer to sense her internal world. The woman’s closed eyes or soft gaze are introspective while the tilt of her head or posture of her body expresses an emotion, sensuality, or serenity. In contrast, the environment I paint the women in is full of vibrant colors, elements from nature and texture.

I have been inspired by the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with her serene expression surrounded by colorful flowers; the Winged Victory of Samothrace embodying the Goddess, grace, and power; Barbara Hepworth’s organic and sensual sculptures; Henri Matisse’s use of color and patterns; and Frida Kahlo’s raw emotion.

Painting with my hands feels like two-dimensional sculpting. It is immediate and continuous. Sewing through paper and incorporating beads is quite the opposite. It is slow and meditative, a true labor of love. I enjoy integrating craft with fine art. It not only adds more texture and detail but also makes me feel connected to the generations who have been using thread and beads for centuries.